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Technical Options Trader provides a platform where traders from around the world grow together.

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Being a successful trader doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a learned skill. The first step to learning that skill is surrounding yourself with other focused individuals with a common goal. At Technical Options Traders Inc, we have created an online community of likeminded people who have come together to learn, share, teach and succeed. Realize that the only thing standing between you and this goal is YOU.


TechOp Trading Academy

TechOp Trading Academy

  • Technical analysis with supply and demand
  • Advanced technical analysis strategy
  • Market psychology
  • Human psychology
  • Options explained A-Z (focus on binary/credit etc)
  • How to identify entry and exit points
  • Practice scanning for stocks to trade
  • Type of brokers to chose from
  • Read time and Sales
  • Read level 2
  • Risk management
  • Journal your trades
  • Paying attention to the news!
  • Day trading strategies
  • How to determine if you are ready to trade?
  • Road Map to starting

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