Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions.

Price will always lead any other indicator out there in technical analysis field. However, it is important to look for aggressive buying and selling, which will confirm a trend or even a trend change.

Options are one of the easiest ways to grow a small account. They are very high risk however we take that learning curve and shorten it by teaching options to beginners or even intermediate trades.
Ex. Long call
Tesla shares 687.00 USD * 100 = $68,700.00
Risk is $68 700 USD, as that is how much money that is being used in this trade
1 call options represent 100 shares:
800 call Options Expiring September 17, 2021, is worth $12.30 *100 = $1230.00
My risk for this trade is $1230.00, if by Sep 17, 2021, tesla does NOT increase in value that is the maximum I will lose. Less risk.
Options can also allow you to own shares at a discount. One can do this by writing a put.

If you own shares, you can use strategies such as covered callmarried put & collard strategy to protect your profits.

You do not need to invest any money to learn how to trade. Every student or novice trader should start from a paper trading account. The reason for this is because trading is very risky, you must figure out what kind of trader or investor you want to be. Trading can give you financial freedom, however you must have an edge.


In our trading community we focus on building and learning together. Professional traders available from 8 am EST until 8 pm EST. Live calls outs on stocks that are being traded for that day, with order entry and exit. Live news provided from multiple sources such as, Bloomberg, CNBC, zero hedge, Benzinga pro etc. Live upgrades and downgrades from top analysist provided directly to the trading community channel. Unusual Options activity to help identify institutional order flow.


In our trading community we do provide live order entry and exit. However, we emphasize everyone to believe in their positions, understand the barrier to entry and the risk involved rather than just copying a trade.